Wholesale Sim Carnations

Sim carnations produce lovely blossoms that make excellent bouquet or vase pieces. They come in a great array of colours ranging from delicate pastels to bright and bold hues.

Some of them even come in two shades. Their beauty and their versatility make them in demand among flower shops and stylists.

Like other carnations, sim carnations have crumpled velvety petals that give them a distinct, attractive fluffy appearance. They are prized ornamental plants that grow a single flower for every stem.

While some experts recommend supporting the carnation stems with one kind of prop or another, they are in no way fragile. Sim carnations can last from one to two weeks in a vase, making them excellent for flower displays.

Sim carnations are available throughout the year, which helps their reputation as a flower shop favourite. This, along with their delicate hues and undeniable beauty, makes them a popular choice for bridal bouquets, formal occasions and even casual events. The strong supply also makes them quite inexpensive.

Floraco delivers high-quality fresh cut flowers for the flower shops in Perth Western Australia. Our flowers are grown using the latest and most advanced methods, so you are sure that they will have a long vase life.

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