Wholesale Lilium

Floraco Wholesale Lilium flowers are grown from bulbs, they are one of the most beautiful, and graceful of any flower available. The lilium breed has a stunning large flower and gives a striking yet elegant image in a vase by itself or in any arrangement.


Floraco grow two main types of Liliums, Asiatic liliums which have smaller flower size but generally have more buds per stem. The second type grown is the Oriental lilium, these have a large flower size, however generally less buds per stem. Oriental lilliums can have a strong fragrance.


Floraco lilliums are available year-round, most are grown in computer controlled glasshouses, some however are grown in a shadehouse. The lilium flower is fairly slow opening, once it begins to open it will keep a good vase life provided the flower has good healthy buds and lush green leaves. Stems should be strong and straight, free of yellow leaves lower on the stem. It is very important to re-cut 2cm from the bottom of lilium stems regularly to ensure good vase life.


Oriental Lilium | Asiatic Lilium | Longiflorum