Wholesale Gerbera

The popularity of Gerberas has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. Globally gerberas are one of the most common flowers, available in over 200 varieties. Floraco gerberas range from pure white through to dark reds andpurples with many shades in between. This makes them very popular for all occasions. Fresh, top Quality gerberas should have fully open flowers, the centers should be perfectly round, no sign of petal damage and the stem should be strong enough to support the flower without the need for wire or support. Find wholesale Gerbera here at Floraco.

wholesale gerbera flower

Floraco wholesale gerberas are available in both Standards and Minis. Floraco prides itself on year round production of over 30 different colours. All Floraco gerberas are produced on a daily basis ensuring we maintain a high standard and fresh regular supply.


Standard Gerberas have a larger flower size and come in many different colours. Mini Gerberas are available in a select few colours, these typically have a flower size of around 7cm where the standards have a flower size of around 10-12cm. All Floraco Gerberas are grown in computer controlled glasshouses to ensure the optimum conditions.


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